Pic’n’Post n° 29 What is the picture of?


What is the picture of?

Thanks to MattThumbup, and Rosa for their guesses last week. Matt was the first to come very close, though he didn’t actually name the building, which both Rosa and Thumbup did a little later. So a tough one to judge there – Matt and Rosa are joint winners, I think, and I hope they won’t mind sharing the badge with Thumbup, who was very close behind and deserves to be in the Prado for her GIFS.


The picture was indeed of the 16th Century San Gerónimo Church in Madrid, right next to the Prado. No doubt, before a lot of the world’s most famous paintings were put on show next door, it received more attention than it does today. I took the picture because I liked the contrast between the two styles of building, as well as the statue who was looking right at me with a slightly doleful expression. I didn’t go up to see who he was – apparently he’s an anonymous painter. No doubt wondering why he can’t be in the Prado as well.

                                       Congratulations, Matt, Rosa and Thumbup!

triple winners

This week it’s back to What? at the top of this page. Happy guessing!

17 thoughts on “Pic’n’Post n° 29 What is the picture of?

  1. It’s a cloth to put on a table or other place, made of crochet and it’s ouside the house in a rainy day….
    And of course i don`t mind to share the other guess!

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  2. To me, from the first moment I saw it and then even reading everyone’s guesses I am stuck on a nautilus shell that has been cross-sected. I know that cannot be right but thought I’d share my mind’s answer anyway. 🙂

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