A blogvelist – blogger and novelist. It took me a while to take on the novelist mantle – too big a word, too much to aim for. But it’s done, written, ready to be read. One Green Bottle, a Magali Rousseau detective story. And more are on their way.

As for the blogging, what started off as a cautious experiment is a habit now.

But a writer writing about writing? Fascinating, sure, up to a point. And then zzzzzzz….

So although there are posts related to writing, there’s other stuff too: Interviews with such luminaries as Mabel Moo and Deirdre Dodo, Pic’n’Post, poems which don’t always manage to take themselves seriously …  A whole weekly menu!

Will the journey ever reach its intended destination? Who knows?* But it will, I hope, be enjoyable in itself. Care to join me?

*Update: The answer is yes, insofar as One Green Bottle was released by Meizius Publishing in September 2015. The journey, of course, continues after that, or perhaps a new one starts, but to accompany this event, and delve into the whole writing business more seriously, I have another blog, which will include background information, links to resources, book reviews and analysis. The journey now involves writing the sequel, Perfume Island, while One Green Bottle enters the promotion phase. To that end, I’m actively seeking reviewers: a free copy (epub, mobi or pdf) is available by clicking here to anyone willing to write a review on Amazon. And if you want a sample before deciding, the first four chapters are here.

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  1. Hi Roni – thank you so much for your continued following and support. One of the great joys of blogging is getting that sort of feedback. And I’m honoured to be nominated for the award, which I will indeed accept and pass on – because it comes from you 🙂 But I may not reach the 15 nominees they ask for, and I must admit I’m a bit ambivalent about it. There’s a post by Damyanti, https://damyantiwrites.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/dear-bloggers-do-you-accept-blog-awards/, which makes some valid points, I think, with others being made in the comments to it. And I think I may eventually adopt a similar position. Which isn’t to say I’m not truly grateful for your nomination, I am! This reply probably makes me come across as a real grump – but I’m not really (all right, occasionally I am). I do hope you understand.

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    • Sure do! I only nominated 7 myself. Not because there aren’t great blogs I’m into but because I want to be sure I choose blogs my readers will enjoy, or at least find clever if it isn’t their cup of tea, and also blogs that post regular content!


  2. Hi Lili. thanks so much for that nomination! I just checked out the rules and the reasoning behind it is actually quite nice, I find, insofar as it can be a boost to fledgling bloggers like us. So I’ll do my best to participate. But it does involve a bit of work, as you say, so I might not get round to it straight away. Except to answer your last question – eat a cake 🙂


  3. Thank you so much, Anne, I truly do appreciate it. But like many others, I’ve decided not to do awards, for various reasons – there’s a reply to Roni a bit further up, with a link to a post that gives more details. I hope you understand.

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    • Hey, Rebecca, that’s so kind! But I must put one of those ‘Award free’ stickers on my blog because I decided a while ago not to do them (number of reasons) – but that doesn’t mean I don’t truly appreciate it. And I love reading others’ random facts. Three sisters, eh? I’m working on a story called The Four Sisters – maybe I’ll ask you for advice!


      • I think the awards that float around are best for socializing and showcasing what we learn about each other 🙂

        Three sisters indeed! It is a very interesting dynamic system! I’ll answer any questions you have 🙂

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        • Indeed, there’s a lot to be said for the awards. After reading the various arguments for and against, I decided against in the end. Thanks for the offer to answer questions – my story’s still in an embryonic stage, but I’ll bear it in mind!


  4. I appreciate your follow of my blog, Curtis! I’ve bookmarked One Green Bottle’s initial chapters to get to in the next couple of days — the serial killer in the summary seemed interesting. 🙂 Wishing you the very best for your future work!

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