Flash Fiction: Stanley in Love


‘You’re sure?’

‘My dear.’ Stan drew closer, eyes glinting. ‘I’ve never been more sure in my life.’

‘It won’t end well for you. But that,’ added Suzie with a smile, ‘is hardly my concern.’

‘Oh, let the future take care of itself. I live for the present.’ He pressed his body against her. ‘You’re just… irresistible!’

Passionately, intensely, they made love. Afterwards, Suzie turned to him, her expression a curious blend of ferocity and joy. ‘I tried to warn you…’

A few minutes later, she belched, wiped her lips and scuttled away, wondering where she might lay her eggs.


In response to Matt’s Flash Fiction Foray, where this weeks prompt was the song Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.

23 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Stanley in Love

  1. Ta da! This is the first time my husband has been interested enough to read a flash fiction. I think it was my explosive blast of laughter that hooked him. If ‘resting’ from blogging has this affect, keep resting! X

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  2. I read somewhere that some male mantids have a sort of auxiliary brain in their abdomens, the better to keep on pumping after their mates have snacked on their heads. The auxiliary brain is like that of some people; it only thinks about sex.

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