One Green Bottle

The first time he killed, it was an accident. Then he discovered he liked it. He had to stop though, if only for the sake of the wife and daughter he adored. Ten. The song he remembered from school. If he could just get to ten, it would all be over and his life would start to make sense.

Magali Rousseau: Private Detective, Psychotherapist – and fake. When her husband walked out she put up the plaques but didn’t have the qualifications to go with them. But to Charlotte Perle, the first client to ring her bell, that didn’t matter – she simply wanted Magali to find who had killed her son.

Set in Provence, One Green Bottle tells of Magali’s increasing certainty that she is hunting a serial killer, her inability to convince the police, and the constant doubts that undermine her progress.  Gradually it becomes clear that she is right – but by that time, it may be too late: the last bottle to fall from the wall could well be Magali herself.

Download the first 18 chapters of One Green Bottle here

7 thoughts on “One Green Bottle

  1. “The first time he killed, it was an accident. Then he discovered he liked it.” ❤ this!

    So this disturbed killer adores his wife and daughter, but there's a deattachment there. He also seems more compelled to murder ten people than to stop the killing spree. I wonder what his victims have in common, what that "ten" song actually says, why it's stuck with him throughout the years, and who's going to put an end to his madness.

    Magali is a liar who wants to help. I wonder what made her take up two jobs that she isn't qualified for and that can make a difference between life and death. That seems selfish and careless. Maybe she has had years of experience, but she'd never gotten the chance to receive the actual degree or complete the certification program because of her husband (somehow).

    I'll have to read and find out, won't I? 😎 This sounds interesting!

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