Pic’n’Post n° 37


As announced yesterday, this is the last Pic’n’Post, at least for a good while. When it returns, the format will be different (no, I’m not telling you now…). Mainly because I’m running out of pictures, at least for the Where? – the What? are easier to find. This is borne out by last week’s picture, scraped from the bottom of the barrel, which only attracted one guess. But what a guess that was! Matt, with the Piton de la Fournaise in La Réunion, could not have been closer. He’s therefore the very worthy winner of the final edition of Pic’n’Post in its current format.


A few more pictures of the very active Piton de la Fournaise, which rumbles and grumbles several times a year, but last threw a big hissy fit in 2006.

Congratulations, Matt!


You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a picture from the Americas in the whole Pic’n’Post series. The thing is, it’s been a dozen years since I set foot there, and the last time I did, it wasn’t with a digital camera but a camcorder. So I have plenty of wobbly footage that makes you seasick, but no photos. Oh, well. My sincere apologies to the inhabitants of the New World.

Pic’n’Post n° 36: Where was the picture taken?


Where was the picture taken?

Unless you were an expert botanist, last week’s picture was decidedly tricky. Nonetheless, brave contestants Matt, Rosa, Thumbup and JoHanna are to be thanked for trying their best. And this is another occasion when the award can only be split. Thumbup wins for her dedicated research which turned up the Coastal Witch-alder, for which she even provided photographic evidence. And JoHanna wins for her beautifully creative answer involving the orchid underground, a container full of dog ceramics and a writer of bodice-ripping novels (check it out here ).


Actually, it’s a coffee plant, photographed during a walk in Mayotte. If it’s hard to guess from the picture, smelling it would leave you none the wiser, since although the scent is delightful, it’s not at all like coffee.

Congratulations, Thumbup and JoHanna!


This week it’s back to Where? at the top of this page. Happy guessing!

As it’s a bit difficult, a couple of clues: (i) It’s not Mars. (ii) Big in 2007

Pic’n’Post n° 35: What is the picture of?


What is the picture of?

I missed last week due to Santa dropping in, so your patience in holding out two whole weeks to get the answer is much appreciated. Thanks go to regulars Matt, Rosa and Thumbup, as well as (relative) newcomers Mitch and Pots of Tea (welcome, both!) for their guesses.


Morocco quickly emerged as the front runner, but the question was where? A bit of luck was involved this time, since the picture, as Rosa said, could be of pretty much any street in the country. In fact it was Meknes, which makes Rosa the winner (with Rabat) by about 300 kms over runner-up, Pots of Tea (with Marrakesh).

Congratulations, Rosa!


This week it’s back to What? at the top of this page. Happy guessing – and Happy New year!!

Pic’n’Post n° 32: Where was the picture taken?


Where was the picture taken?

Many thanks to those who sent in guesses came for last week’s picture: MattDookes, Rosa and Thumbup . And Dookes was very quick off the mark with the correct answer, a coelacanth. As Rosa pointed out, these were thought to be extinct till one was found off South Africa in 1938. Since then several have been found, the one in the picture by a fisherman in Madagascar, where it’s now displayed in the University of Tulear’s Maritime Museum along with a few other delights.

I like to have fun making the winners’ badges nice and pretty – no easy matter with a coelacanth. Though it could be said they’re so ugly that in fact they’re beautiful.

Congratulations, Dookes!


This week it’s back to Where? at the top of this page. And since the last couple have been easy, this one might be trickier. But don’t let that put you off – happy guessing!

Pic’n’Post n° 31: What is the picture of?


What is the picture of?

Guesses came in for last week’s picture from MattDookes, Rosa, Charlie and Maja over at Travelling Rockhopper. Thanks to all for participating! While initially Spain attracted the votes, interest soon shifted to Italy, with both Rosa and Matt homing in on Pitigliano in southern Tuscany. This was indeed the case, and Rosa, who got her answer in first, wins another badge, with Matt (yet again!) a worthy runner-up.

As Rosa said, apart from the beauty of Pitigilano itself, the area is known for its Etruscan ruins and most impressively, I thought, the ancient pathways, “Vie Cave” or Sunken Roads, carved deep within the rock. Not to mention the profusion of mushrooms sprouting everywhere when we visited in November.

Congratulations, Rosa!

Pitigliano Rosa

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Pic’nPost n° 30: Where was the picture taken?


Where was the picture taken?

Last week’s picture drew quite a few guesses, varying from animal to vegetable to man-made. Many thanks to MattThumbup, Dookes, JoHanna, Charlie and Rosa for participating, with suggestions that ranged from frayed crochet to a limpet. And when I look at the picture in the light of those answers, I can indeed see the resemblance. However, guesses in the vegetable realm were closer, and of those, Charlie came closest with ‘the funky cross-section of a tree.’

IMG_5062    Banana tree Mayotte  IMG_5064

It was in fact a banana tree, photographed the other day while out walking in Mayotte.

Congratulations, Charlie!


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Pic’n’Post n° 29 What is the picture of?


What is the picture of?

Thanks to MattThumbup, and Rosa for their guesses last week. Matt was the first to come very close, though he didn’t actually name the building, which both Rosa and Thumbup did a little later. So a tough one to judge there – Matt and Rosa are joint winners, I think, and I hope they won’t mind sharing the badge with Thumbup, who was very close behind and deserves to be in the Prado for her GIFS.


The picture was indeed of the 16th Century San Gerónimo Church in Madrid, right next to the Prado. No doubt, before a lot of the world’s most famous paintings were put on show next door, it received more attention than it does today. I took the picture because I liked the contrast between the two styles of building, as well as the statue who was looking right at me with a slightly doleful expression. I didn’t go up to see who he was – apparently he’s an anonymous painter. No doubt wondering why he can’t be in the Prado as well.

                                       Congratulations, Matt, Rosa and Thumbup!

triple winners

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Pic’n’Post n° 28 Where was the picture taken?


Where was the picture taken?

The last Pic’n’Post was quite a while ago – sorry to keep you waiting, but it’s a tricky post to do when travelling. But now I can express my thanks to Atthys, TJ, DookesThumbup, and Clara for their guesses. Quite an easy one apparently, as a consensus formed around a bug-zapper, but the first one in was from Clara, who I guess has had to contend with a lot of bugs in her time. As far as I know, she hasn’t yet written about them on her blog, so maybe that’s a treat to come. This particular zapper is in Provence, where the mozzies have become more numerous and diverse in recent years, driving Mrs. B. to distraction. Fortunately they have no effect on me, unlike the ones in the Indian Ocean, the itchiest I’ve ever come across. Which reminds me – if you get a chance to spread the word about my Channillo series, don’t hesitate! All proceeds go the Against Malaria Foundation.

IMG_0201                                       IMG_0202

Congratulations, Clara!

clara winner

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Pic’n’Post n° 27


What is the picture of?

Again, quite a tricky one last week. Thumbup, Rosa and Charlie all saw correctly it was somewhere Mediterranean, but as no one got the name of the town itself, I added a clue. Whereupon Bob Ramsak at Piran Café zoomed in on the answer (beating Thumbup by just a few hours): Trieste. It’s always nice to have a new participant – check out Bob’s site for some wonderful pictures and tales of his own travels.           161983046_f35a9563a4 024

The clue was the statue of James Joyce by the Canale Grande in Trieste. Joyce spent a dozen years in the city, making a meagre living as a language teacher and only leaving in 1915 when the war made it impossible to stay. While there, he wrote A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and several episodes of Ulysses. Which reminds me, one of these days, I must actually finish that book…

Congratulations, Bob!


 This week it’s back to What? at the top of this page. Happy guessing! You’ll have plenty of time as we’re shortly going away, so the next Pic’n’Post won’t be until Friday 30th October.