Pic’n’Post: Where is it?


I’m playing hard and fast with the Pic’n’Post format, I know, but I thought I’d add another variation to it. Where was the above picture taken? Send in your answers in the comments – on Tuesday 18th May, the winner will be announced! (i.e. the person whose guess is closest – I’m not expecting the exact location, though who knows? Maybe someone has stood in that very spot!).

The winner will receive a magnificent personalised version of the picture PLUS (if they want) an interview post with links to their blog, along the lines of this one with TJ Paris. How cool is that?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a link to this picture by Theo. Today it’s one to Christina’s From My Horizon, where for various reasons, this picture caught my eye. Firstly, the picture itself, the composition of steps and blossom, and the solitary person reading. Then the suggestion that it might be the cover of a mystery story. And finally the editing – the little splash of blue drawing you in to the person on the steps. I think if the person goes up the steps, she’ll reach another level and find herself reading a book – and then the mystery begins…

Anyway, as well as guessing where the above picture was taken, don’t forget you can participate in Pic’n’Post any time – the rules are here. A picture, a text, a link to this blog – that’s all you need. Have fun!

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