Channillo on my Plate

It’s funny, but I seem to have managed to get rather a lot on my plate. ‘Here in Mayotte? Doesn’t he get bored?’ people ask my wife when she says I’m retired. To which she replies an emphatic ‘No, not at all!’ Apart from the novel, already on the go, the blog eats up a variable portion of the day, and then a few weeks ago I decided to launch the Gazette (see subscribe link on sidebar – first issue going out tomorrow!). As if that wasn’t enough, I received a tweet from Kara Monterey, founder of Channillo, asking me to submit an idea for a column, which I duly did. So for a year, starting 1st June, What a Life! What a Day! will be a weekly column for her recently founded serialised writing website. Many thanks for the opportunity, Kara!

I guess that’s called workaholic. On the other hand, if you’re doing what you enjoy, I find it hard to think of it as work. I was a bit the same when I really did work, taking on responsibilities that left me with very little time simply because I enjoyed it. As my wife still has to go out and deal with traffic jams, meetings and reports, I really ought to do all the housework. Strangely enough, though, I somehow never seem to get round to it.

PS Currently travelling, so please excuse me if I’m less reactive to comments, or less able to visit other sites myself. It’s not that internet access is difficult, just that this activity called ‘sightseeing’, which appears to be part of the deal, takes up a fair part of the day.

11 thoughts on “Channillo on my Plate

  1. Congrats on the once a week gig, Curtis. I get so busy I dont always have time to come here, so now I am catching up with great posts like the Everest interview. I must say, I love the interviews.

    Meant to subscribe to the Gazette when it first came out too….sigh.. sometimes work and life just doesnt let one blog! 😦 so please point me the way to subscribing — or just add me in anyhow, if its technologically possible 🙂

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    • Hi Debbie, many thanks for the comment. Don’t worry, I know what the time issue is, and I don’t even work! It’s great just having people drop by whenever they can. For the Gazette, there’s a subscribe link on the right of the page which should come through to my inbox. Thanks!


  2. You are so excused. I was just about to apologize to you as the latest…and I hope not last, Gazette is still sitting in my mailbox waiting to be printed out, so I can read it. I look at your plate and know you understand how full a week can be.

    You really are quite productive right now. Wishing you the best with everything and knowing you are right in the midst of it unfolding.

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