Three new pages!

They’re all on my other blog, the one where I get to be a serious indie author posting about writing, promoting and… well, nothing else really, because that’s all indie authors do.

Aware that even the smallest exposure can help, I’ve added an Indie Books Page with bite-sized reviews of books I’ve read. Not many for the moment but I’ll add more as and when.

There’s a One Green Bottle audio page – the first four chapters recorded. If you who don’t like reading on screen, or want to be entertained as you cook, this is for you!

Finally, win a holiday break in Provence! That’s right – a short story competition, first prize being a long weekend in Provence as a guest of yours truly. Check it out!

7 thoughts on “Three new pages!

  1. Oh my gosh! That prize sounds fabulous 😀 I’d love to meet you one day and have a good old natter. You’re one of my favourite people on here!
    You may not recognise me as I go under a new name and blog, but yes that prize is wonderful. I shall have to get my writers hat on and try to come up with something good 🙂

    When time permits I shall also head over to the audio page. Sadly I can’t right now as I’m at work.

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    • Thank you, P of T! Yes, do get that writer’s hat on. I’ve no idea how many entrants there’ll be and the judge will be an independent outsider but everyone’s in with a chance and I’m sure we’d have plenty to natter about.

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