5 thoughts on “School Report

  1. Recommendations: It is recommended that Curtis continue to pursue those areas of social media he finds interesting, and disengage from any activity which he finds tedious, of no value, or silly (ie: Facebook) His creative muse and talent, and his many fans and followers, will most benefit if he continues to challenge himself in only his ares of interest. A.S. Neil –Summerhill

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  2. I can relate only too well. The sad truth is some part of me regards myself as too good for scrounging around for attention on social media, so I suppose it’s no wonder I’m getting so little of it!

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    • Ah, I know that feeling also. But the other part of me more often continues to have terrible doubts, which having to scrounge only compounds. I do enjoy the blogging though. The rest, I could probably do without.


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