Who and why


Well, that’s me. It was cold in Aberystweth that day. I took my family there because it’s where I first saw the sea. Luckily I’ve seen a few more seas since, including the Indian Ocean in Mayotte, where I currently live. Much warmer.

I might be finding inspiration, thinking up a brilliant story. More likely, I’m wondering when we can all go back and sit in front of the fire. And have dinner. Guinea fowl in cider sauce (recipe available on request).

I’ve written of who in other posts: writer, retired, French, Welsh, blogvelist. Also of the why (see Dear Reader), which is to connect what I write with people who maybe, hopefully, like and want to read it.

Welcome, then, to this blog. If you want to accompany me on the journey, I’ll do my best to make it pleasurable, bountiful and enriching. Bienvenue à toutes et à tous! 

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