Pic’n’Post: A Faraway Land

Pitigliano 128

The story teller’s picture: They’ve been used since time immemorial to put us in touch with the Gods. Alternatively, they send us mad or kill us. I’m not a fantasy writer but here we’re clearly in a realm of mythical beasts, warring tribes and sorcerers. “My Lord Argrunthen, I have bad news. An army of Martworgs marches our way. Queen Trecitta’s throne is no longer safe.” (To be continued…)

The picture taker’s story: This was the largest of a vast abundance of different species near Pitigliano, southern Tuscany, early November. Madeleine, who in a former life was a wily hunter-gatherer, was all for a fry-up. ‘What?’ I said. ‘Don’t you remember the St Michel basilica in Bordeaux?’ Many years ago, before they were removed for preservation, we saw a whole family of mummies there, foul grimaces twisting their leather faces. Poisoned by mushrooms in the Middle Ages. ‘Hmm,’ she replied. ‘How about a packet of frozen funghi misti?’ Not very magical, admittedly, and no Gods came to visit. On the positive side, though, at least we’re still alive.

Over to you: Any mushroom pics or stories, real or imagined? Let me know and I’ll link!