At least we agree about something

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– Hey, Curtis, sit down. We gotta talk.

– Too right, Curtis. We need to reach a decision.

– These awards. We’re in two minds, aren’t we?

– Indeed. I can’t think what’s got into you. Premier Dardos, Liebster. It’s an honour to be nominated. And you refuse?

– Look, they’re little more than glorified chain letters. What’s more, they –

– You mean you don’t care about Losing Screws? Roni goes to the trouble of nominating you for the Dardos and that’s all the thanks you have? Same with Lili for the Liebster. Fine show of gratitude, isn’t it? I know you’re a grouch, but frankly, that takes the biscuit.

– Hey, you don’t get it. Of course I’m truly grateful to them both. I take it as a real compliment. But if you’ll just hear me out, I’ll explain. Or rather, look at what Damyanti says. And you’ll see in the comments to her post that she’s far from alone. Check it out.

– I did. And she has a point, of course. Better to interact meaningfully through comments than pass along a list of blogs you’ve barely had time to explore. But that doesn’t mean the prizes are worthless.

– No, not entirely. JoHannah did a poll on them – I answered that they have value in promoting readership and participation. Last time I checked, that was 60% of the answers.

– OK. So you’ve come round to my point of view. Great!

– Hold it, not so fast! But perhaps we can reach a compromise. Accept these two we’ve been nominated for, but no more.

– Or even better, why don’t we do it our own way? Like JoHannah.

– Neat idea! Let’s give it some thought. Maybe add a page explaining our position.

– Fine. We’ll figure something out. In the meantime, you know what? I’m really sad this Blogging 101 course is finishing.

– Me too, Curtis. It’s been fantastic.

– Well, it’s nice to hear you agree for once, Curtis. See you later, take care.