How to Create Good Blog Posts Faster


If that title drew you in, I must confess immediately: it’s not mine. I found it on a site about blogging, building a platform and getting millions of readers. The first tip they gave was to write a question for one specific audience and answer it. Well, that flummoxed me straight off. I don’t have a specific audience. People who read books? That’s not very specific. Perhaps I could narrow it down. People who read detective stories. Set in France. With a female detective. Whose ex-husband is a plastic surgeon. Who had an Alfa Romeo till his wife drove it without any oil and the engine blew up. And that really made him mad.

Phew! Identified the audience now. Not as difficult as it sounds. Now for the question. Well, the obvious one that springs to mind is: Why do plastic surgeons’ wives drive Alfa Romeos without any oil?

I’m very glad to have the opportunity to address this issue because there is no doubt that in spite of the millions of websites out there, it hasn’t been adequately answered. Which is very surprising, really, given the number of people who wonder about it every day.

The reason is: They ignore the dashboard warning signs! Now this of course begs the question, why do they ignore the warning signs? But I’m not going to give you the answer to that. It’s for a different specific audience.