Pic’n’Post n° 36: Where was the picture taken?


Where was the picture taken?

Unless you were an expert botanist, last week’s picture was decidedly tricky. Nonetheless, brave contestants Matt, Rosa, Thumbup and JoHanna are to be thanked for trying their best. And this is another occasion when the award can only be split. Thumbup wins for her dedicated research which turned up the Coastal Witch-alder, for which she even provided photographic evidence. And JoHanna wins for her beautifully creative answer involving the orchid underground, a container full of dog ceramics and a writer of bodice-ripping novels (check it out here ).


Actually, it’s a coffee plant, photographed during a walk in Mayotte. If it’s hard to guess from the picture, smelling it would leave you none the wiser, since although the scent is delightful, it’s not at all like coffee.

Congratulations, Thumbup and JoHanna!


This week it’s back to Where? at the top of this page. Happy guessing!

As it’s a bit difficult, a couple of clues: (i) It’s not Mars. (ii) Big in 2007

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