Flash Fiction: One day like this


‘Will he really, Daddy?’ The boys jostled to get a better view.

‘Well, that’s what he says. We’ll see.’

Up on the tower, the man was a speck, but they heard him loud and clear through the megaphone. ‘I open the way! After years of research and frustration, the moment has come!’

Mr. Wright did his best to hide the sight of the plummeting contraption from his sons’ eyes. Shocked and dejected, they walked away in silence.

Eventually, Wilbur said, ‘I bet you it’s possible, though.’

‘One day.’ Orville spread his arms and raced across the grass. ‘Like this!’

In response to Matt’s Flash Fiction Foray, where this week’s prompt was the song One Day Like This, by Elbow. I have to confess: historical accuracy is somewhat ignored in my story, as the Wright brothers’ inspiration didn’t come from the scene described but a toy helicopter (far less gruesome) brought home by their father. I did try pointing this out to the guys over at Warner Bros, but they threw up their arms in disdain. ‘Accuracy? Who cares about that? We need a dramatic hook, Curtis. Get to it!’ On the other hand, several pioneers did die testing their machines, including Percy Pilcher, whose hang glider, The Hawk, is in the picture.



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