Pic’nPost n° 30: Where was the picture taken?


Where was the picture taken?

Last week’s picture drew quite a few guesses, varying from animal to vegetable to man-made. Many thanks to MattThumbup, Dookes, JoHanna, Charlie and Rosa for participating, with suggestions that ranged from frayed crochet to a limpet. And when I look at the picture in the light of those answers, I can indeed see the resemblance. However, guesses in the vegetable realm were closer, and of those, Charlie came closest with ‘the funky cross-section of a tree.’

IMG_5062    Banana tree Mayotte  IMG_5064

It was in fact a banana tree, photographed the other day while out walking in Mayotte.

Congratulations, Charlie!


This week it’s back to Where? at the top of this page. Happy guessing!

14 thoughts on “Pic’nPost n° 30: Where was the picture taken?

  1. Noooo it’s not my countrry Spain!!!!!! It’s Pitigliano a small village in Toscana, Italy, where I was for a few hours during my trip in Toscana 2 years ago, there are some remains from Etruscan.

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  2. This reminds me of Monaco, I say that because the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, That building was large, beautiful and freaking carved into the mountain coast as it overlooked the Mediterranean Sea. It may not exactly be Monaco, but I will hazard a guess and say that it’s somewhere on France’s coast.

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