Writing’s on the wall


You can push your luck so far. And Nebuk knew he’d pushed his far enough. Time to visit the Wall and pray to the gods. He prayed hard, hands clasped, head bowed, then put his ear to the smooth white surface to hear the whispered response. Instead, there came a crack of thunder and he leapt back in terror. ‘Nebuk!’ boomed a voice. ‘Ignore our words at your peril!’ He shielded his eyes as a flash of lightning scorched the Wall. Then all was still. The words were before him, smouldering. ‘Dammit!’ he muttered. ‘Don’t they know I can’t read?’

This is in response to Matt’s Flash Fiction Foray challenge, where the prompt was the song Writing’s on the Wall, by Sam Smith. Thanks for hosting, Matt – good to have you back!

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