In the Frame: Tony Ray Jones



As you wouldn’t guess from the picture above, we’re currently in Madagascar. But although I’m taking quite a few photos, I haven’t got my laptop, so for the moment they’re staying in the camera. Which is why, to those not familiar with his work already, I offer instead this briefest of introductions to the photography of Tony Ray Jones. I didn’t know his work myself till I saw an exhibition a couple of years ago in London’s Science Museum – it was a revelation. Not just for the documentary value – England in the 1960s – but for the sheer brilliance of the photos. I love the way his scenes will often have several focal points of interest; also the sense you get of just as much happening outside the frame as within it. If you like the picture above, you can find out more about the man himself, and admire a further selection of his photos here.

I take this opportunity to apologise to bloggers far and wide whose posts I haven’t been reading – some people manage, I know, but blogging and travelling aren’t too compatible, I find. But I look forward to catching up on my return, as well as offering a few pictures of my own. Don’t get excited, though – Tony Ray Jones I am not.


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