Pic’n’Post n° 27


What is the picture of?

Again, quite a tricky one last week. Thumbup, Rosa and Charlie all saw correctly it was somewhere Mediterranean, but as no one got the name of the town itself, I added a clue. Whereupon Bob Ramsak at Piran Café zoomed in on the answer (beating Thumbup by just a few hours): Trieste. It’s always nice to have a new participant – check out Bob’s site for some wonderful pictures and tales of his own travels.           161983046_f35a9563a4 024

The clue was the statue of James Joyce by the Canale Grande in Trieste. Joyce spent a dozen years in the city, making a meagre living as a language teacher and only leaving in 1915 when the war made it impossible to stay. While there, he wrote A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and several episodes of Ulysses. Which reminds me, one of these days, I must actually finish that book…

Congratulations, Bob!


 This week it’s back to What? at the top of this page. Happy guessing! You’ll have plenty of time as we’re shortly going away, so the next Pic’n’Post won’t be until Friday 30th October.


14 thoughts on “Pic’n’Post n° 27

  1. Trieste eh! Looks like a great place to visit. Another one to add to the endless “must sees!” Madagascar too! Wow. Hope you get a few good photos to share. I am saying a bug zapper too, but perhaps we are all being led along the Bausse primrose path. Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

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