Pic’n’Post n° 26 Where was the picture taken?


Where was the picture taken?

Well, last week’s picture had quite a few people intrigued: Thumbup at The Playground, Rosa, Tammy at tmezpoetry (well worth checking out for some great poems), T.J. Paris (see his site here for haiku, photos and an inimitable style of prose), Johanna (the all-round thoughtfulness of her posts, which you can find here, make them a joy), and Charlie, who documents well both the pangs and delights of writing here) – many thanks to all! Answers fell into two categories, bone or plant. Rosa and Charlie were close, with a piece of branch or bark, but TJ was the only one to mention a pine cone.

IMG_4993     IMG_4994

These cones regularly fall from the magnificent Aleppo pine which leans rather alarmingly just outside the perimeter of our garden. A few years ago, we had a rare heavy snowfall and one of the branches promptly fell off and destroyed the composter we’d installed just the week before. But we forgave it, as it captures the sunset beautifully, and the cones are great for lighting the barbecue. The only thing I have in common with Cézanne is that he also had one in his garden, but history doesn’t record whether he used the cones for the barbecue.

Congratulations, TJ, who wins his first Pic’n’Post badge!


 This week it’s back to Where? at the top of this page. Happy guessing!


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