Fruit bonanza

What greater joy can there be than eating the deliciously succulent fruit and veg that grow in one’s own garden? It’s not just the taste but the satisfaction of knowing that one is self-reliant. If ever there’s a calamity that keeps us trapped at home, we won’t suffer in the slightest. No need to trudge down to the local shops and cough up a fortune for a few bland mouthfuls of pesticide. Of course, it does require a bit of work, but I’m not called Green Fingers for nothing. It was therefore with great eagerness that we awaited the results of our tomato patch – and as I’m sure you’ll agree, a simple glance is enough to see that there’s absolutely no comparison.

tomatoes                 IMG_0149

14 thoughts on “Fruit bonanza

  1. Dear… I love tomatoes!!!!!!! and if I can take them from the plant and smell it’s “perfume”…. it’s a great pleausure, but here in large cities… tomatoes are … only tomatoes withuot its exquisite perfume. You’re lucky!!!!!! When eating them, have a thought about me!!!!!!

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  2. You are quite lucky to have your own tomato patch and be able to grow fresh tomatoes! The intake of tomatoes has long been linked to heart health. Fresh tomatoes and tomato extracts have been shown to help lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. In addition, tomato extracts have been shown to help prevent unwanted clumping together (aggregation) of platelet cells in the blood – a factor that is especially important in lowering risk of heart problems like atherosclerosis. Enjoy your tomatoes with good health ensured by your heart-healthy diet!

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  3. Uh-oh…. actually if it was up to me my garden would look a bit like that as well. Luckily my husband has green fingers and our tomatoes are ripe and wonderful this year. Tomato soup. Tomato pasta. Salsa. Tomatoes coming out of our ears!!! Come round my way and pick as many as you want 😉

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