Flash Fiction: Happy


In response to my favourite flash fiction event, Matt the Bookblogger’s Flash Fiction Foray. The prompt this week was the Pharrell Williams song, Happy.

‘Up 82 places from last year. 141st.’

‘Why, that’s wonderful dear. Congratulations!’


Magnus popped the cork. They sat for a moment, savouring the taste of happiness.

‘You must be over the moon,’ she said.

‘Absolutely. A dream come true.’ He shook his head, laughing. ‘Incredible!’

Caroline rose, kissed him lightly and dived into the pool.

Magnus reclined, contemplating the Grade II listed mansion they’d bought the previous year, and the shiny Lamborghini beside it. A cloud passed over the sun. He put down his glass and frowned. ‘Goddammit!’ he muttered. ‘Still 140 people in Britain richer than me.’


9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Happy

  1. Oh dear!!!! I wrote something and then I forgot to click on “post Comment” !!!!!!!!!!!!!j… sometimes I think I forget my head somewhere!!!!! Well, “the cottage” isn’t too bad, I’d not mind to live there, even with my little amount of money hahaha!!!!

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