Moving thing quick

moving – small – dark – quick – moving thing quick – on table – not quick now – still – catch it – oh! – gone – on my arm – tickle! – catch it – quick – too quick – can’t – again – can’t – moving – too quick – small – quick – gone

Are babies boring? The article here makes no bones about it: yes. And it has to be said that once you’ve watched them twiddle the knobs on the First Steps Baby Walker 50 times, the novelty wears off. They’re also demanding. One reason I’ve not been getting much done recently is this little creature, who likes to get the same level of attention as Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Cleopatra.


That’s, right, Mrs. B and I are currently baby-sitting for our daughter, something I’ve not done since – well, not since the baby was our daughter. So I’d forgotten quite how little one manages to do when they’re awake. At the same time, though, they’re fascinating. I love imagining what goes on their minds as they discover the world around them. So the text above is not a portrayal of an avant-garde ballet but of Alice trying to catch a fly.


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