Pic’n’Post n° 16


Where was the picture taken?

So last week’s picture wasn’t quite as easy as I thought. There were some inspired guesses from buddha9 and thumbup at Live Love Laugh, for which many thanks, but the closest was Matt at Bookblogger2014, who now wins his second Pic’n’Post! His answers were plastic tweezers and a washing machine.

IMG_4979  IMG_4971

IMG_1018shredderThe actual objects were a clothes peg and a shredder, but Matt was definitely close with the tweezers. Though seeing what happened to my glove when it fell in, I wouldn’t want to put my Armani suit into the shredder (especially if I was inside it).shredded glove

Congratulations, Matt!


You may have noticed my posts have been getting few and far between lately. As I expected, visitors staying and things to see to throughout the summer will mean they’ll stay that way for a while to come. Though I will shortly be posting news of One Green Bottle, and in the meantime, Pic’n’Post will continue through thick and thin, come what may. This week another Where? at the top of this page. Happy guessing!


7 thoughts on “Pic’n’Post n° 16

  1. Well… I’d say that is taken in a place of Afganistan or other country not far from it.
    I stil have to read the Gazette Issue nº 3…sorry..

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