Pic’n’Post n° 15


What is the picture of?

Well, last week’s picture of an object drew a few responses, so maybe an alternation of where and what would be a good idea, with another what for today. Many thanks to all of last week’s participants!  Guesses came in from Thumbup at Live Love Laugh, Matt from thebookblogger, T.J.Paris at amaviedecoeurentier, Atthys Gage at Speak More Light, and Johanna Massey. Both Matt and Johanna said the spout of a watering can, so are worthy runners-up, but the first to do so was Atthys, a relative newcomer to blogging, which goes to show one doesn’t need to be an experienced blogger to recognise a watering can.


Congratulations, Atthys!


Actually, it wasn’t a spout but a snout 🙂


Atthys being the first to get the answer gives me the opportunity to put in a word of praise for Spark, a YA / sci-fi / paranormal novel he has recently published. It’s not only well-written and entertaining, but includes some fascinating (but understandable) discussion of topics such as entropy, so if you like that genre (or blend of genres), it’s well worth reading. Along with a few others from Book Country, notably G.D. Deckard (who had the idea), Atthys and I are setting up a Writers’ Cooperative as a place where writers can promote their books and find tips on marketing. Making hesitant progress, I should say, but we’ll get there eventually – I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, happy guessing with today’s Pic’nPost! As it may be a bit easy, for those who really like guessing, here’s a second picture to tax you a bit more:


8 thoughts on “Pic’n’Post n° 15

  1. Love the word SNOUT!
    Ok the first picture. I’ll just go ahead and say what popped in my mind first thing when I saw it. Smurf’s legs.
    Second picture. Some kind of a switch, it’s got an off and on button and a lever. What’s it’s for, no idea.

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