Pic’n’Post n° 14


What is the picture of?

A little experiment today – rather than finding where it was taken, the challenge is to guess what it is. I can’t tell whether this is easy or difficult – I will find out thanks to your answers!

Many thanks to all participants in last week’s challenge, namely Thumbup at Live Love Laugh, our resident champion, Quilt MusingsCharlie at Untitled, Unfinished and Matt from thebookblogger. And Matt it was who spotted the combination of French and Indian, which meant it was taken in Pondicherry (renamed now as Puducherry) in the Tamil Nadu region of south-east India. After the French and British clashed several times in India in the 18th Century, Pondicherry was the only territory the French retained, not transferring it fully to India until 1962. In many ways it still has a French feel to it, not least through the street signs, the presence of a French lycée and a French-style old colonial district.


Congratulations, Matt!


Thanks to all participants. Keep the guesses coming – depending on the responses to this week’s picture, the inclusion of objects as well as places could become a regular feature of Pic’n’Post – let me know what you think. Happy guessing!

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