Rattlesnake Blues

This is in response to thebookblogger2014’s Flash Fiction Foray, the prompt being the title of Lionel Richie’s song, Hello. I’ve managed to get behind again, as this was in fact last week’s prompt, but Matt, who hosts it, is very understanding…

The Party

“Wow, she’s beautiful!”


Forty minutes and five shandies later, they had the pick-up line. “Is it witty enough?” worried Lee.

“How do you snog?”

“What? That’s not witty, it’s gross.”

“No, how do you? I’ve never done it.”

“God knows.” Lee sighed. “Here, toss.”

“Heads.” Andy breathed deeply, adjusted his jacket, smoothed his hair. “Right.” He walked over. I stepped on a rattlesnake yesterday. Could he really say that? Really?

He smiled, heart pounding. “Hello.”

The girl arched an eyebrow. “You know what? Piss off.”

“Here’s a tip,” Andy said, getting back. “Never try the rattlesnake line, OK?”

8 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Blues

    • Ah, I quite often come across US terms I don’t know – so it also works the other way round! (As Bernard Shaw said, we are two peoples separated by a common language). Snog (verb or noun) is British slang for ‘kiss’. Many thanks for dropping by!


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