Silly games


Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring was a rather strange film. I suppose it was a comment on the vacuity of life for rich, privileged kids who indulge in silly games while the rest of us have to work. We were talking about this the other day while playing Bananagram, a sort of speed version of Scrabble. I was just about to place the rather good word PLONK when the L fell off the table and bounced from the balcony into the garden below. This was a minor disaster, as the garden was overgrown with grass, and a missing L in Bananagram spoils everything. As luck would have it, though, a team of workers came round that very afternoon to clear the garden, so I went down and told them about our problem. They looked bemused, but promised to keep an eye out, and lo and behold, they cleared the garden so well that an hour or so later one of them woke me from my siesta by shouting up that he’d found it. So my story has a happy ending, because now we’re able to play Bananagram again.


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