Sunday Poem: Waves


Real poets are brave – poetry’s difficult! A while back I was named by Fading Shadow in a challenge to describe a sound, so I thought, why not a poem? Especially as we were spending the night in a tent on Sazilay Beach, where the only sound was of waves – what better topic? Well, it took me three weeks and I’m still dissatisfied. Maybe I’ll stick to nonsense – much easier!

Shall I say they crash and thunder? Here, tonight, it is inaccurate.

The soft persistence of their motion

Long transcribed in sand and root and stone,

Each gathering and collapse a different breath,

Scrolls upon the shore in Sazilay.

What of words like sigh and murmur? Almost apt, but still inadequate,

Lending false intent to this unfeeling mission,

Patterned bond of moon and sea and strewn

Dissolving foam, sinking back to earth

Here upon the beach in Sazilay.

We know this sound: raw religion, human song, a quest for intimate

Design in randomness and undisturbed attraction,

Heave and swell, an endless back and forth,

Stroking soft the slope of Sazilay.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Poem: Waves

  1. Understandably you’re dissatisfied because the poem explains in detail the nature, meaning and purpose of waves, as for the sound, a line describing the waves lapping against the rocks would have taken care of the sound effect – otherwise a commendable effort on the whole!

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