To cruise or not to cruise


Despite its attractions, tourism isn’t a big money spinner in Mayotte, with just over 50,000 visitors a year. A good half of those come out to see relatives working here; pleasure tourism, with close to 12,000, is progressing but remains small. No doubt this is why the arrival of The Silver Whisperer a little while ago had the island’s tourist team on full alert: the 10 hours the passengers spent here had to leave them with nothing but the most magnficent memories. I hope that was the case, as whatever memories they took away came at hefty price – almost $14000 for 17 days,

The sight of the ship incited Mrs. B. to try convincing me yet again that paradise is a cruise ship. I have my doubts, especially as we’re never going to fork out that much. The memory one passenger brought back from a Mediterranean cruise was far from magnificent: “It reminded me of a prison. I had a little cell, they herded me out and said, ‘OK, you go play, stand in line and do this, stand in line and do that, now go eat, come back,’ “. To me, that sounds closer to the mark.

But almost 16 million people went on a cruise last year, so they must be getting something right. Then again, very few of those millions would be grumpy misanthropes like me. The debate continues – all contributions welcome.


15 thoughts on “To cruise or not to cruise

  1. All the best time is spent going somewhere – nothing like spending a week on the beach – we traveled to Cancun earlier this year and watched those cruise ships come in every morning and leave every evening. They never got to walk the beach at sunrise or sunset – which was great for us but bad for them!

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  2. My mother loves them. She is extremely social and loves to meet the different people, enjoys the entertainment onboard and the freedom to do however much or little she wants. She loves to see the different sights, and books various excursions where they go. I get the impression that there is no obligation to join group activities either on or off ship on the cruises she takes.

    I’ve thought of taking a cruise where you learn something onboard (there are quilting cruises and ones organized by my university that sound interesting in terms of onboard content),but they are quite expensive and I am not much for group activities off ship. I am likely to wander off on my own to explore the city and put the group leader in a panic. Not to mention, part of me thinks the perfect cruise is more like Death on the Nile…luxurious surroundings, a murder to solve, and a detective like Hercule Poirot or Roderick Allyn to solve it with 😉

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    • Yes, part of me is tempted out of sheer curiosity, and it’s true there are many different sorts, some of which might be interesting. I like the Poirot idea – if it’s not already done, it would no doubt make an excellent business!

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