Pic’n’Post event n° 7

Pic'n'Post where

Where was this picture taken?

Last week, Pic’n’Post morphed unexpectedly into ‘Guess where the picture was taken.’ I was quite surprised. I hadn’t intended to change it, but sometimes things suggest themselves out of the blue. You go to post a letter and end up booking a flight to Reykjavik. Can happen to anyone. For you, of course, it must have been very unsettling, and I do apologise if you stumbled around in a daze for the rest of the day. It’s a bit like turning up for the New York marathon only to be told it’s an egg and spoon race instead. After all that training? Devastating.

Over at twenty7zero3, though, Sandeep, showing admirable self-control, was unfazed. Her guess (the moon) was something of a gamble but it very nearly paid off. She would indeed have won if Quilt Musings hadn’t come through the whole field and pipped her at the post. Yes, it was Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, China (in fact, the edge of the Taklamakan Desert a few hours’ drive away).


Congratulations, Quilt Musings!


I recognise it was difficult. So I hope this week’s photo at the top is easier.

Below is just one of the beautiful quilts to be seen at Quilt Musings. A couple of minutes admiring the others is a couple of minutes well spent!


Does this mean that the old Pic’n’Post is defunct? Not at all. Combinations of photo and text are welcome any time. But then, maybe next week, Pic’n’Post will morph again…

10 thoughts on “Pic’n’Post event n° 7

  1. Thanks so much, Curtis! I love the picture! Sadly I do not think I am going to be as lucky with this week’s photo. I am thinking it is in Tajikistan…but I think I may just be being misled by a clue or two! Architecture doesn’t seem right for Tajikistan…

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