Sunday Poem: Seaside

cuneo 045

  • 1. get off the beaten track
  • 2. tiptoe along the basalt cliffs
  • 3. listen to the most invisible bird

Those are the first three lines of a poem by Frédéric G. Martin, over at Poems & Poèmes. It’s actually called Seaside: To Do List – I love the combination of the down-to-earthness of a list and the inspiring nature of the 12 items in the list. Frédéric writes in both French and English – I admire anyone who writes in their second language, let alone with such finesse. As Frédéric puts it, French is my mother tongue, which gives me love and desire. English gives me freedom and inspiration. What greater combination could there be?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Poem: Seaside

  1. Fantastic the poem by Frédéric G. Martin. And it’s very difficult two write in both languajes, I do… In Spanish and English… but miles away from writing poems, books or whatever…. Thanks…

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  2. Thank you very much for sharing my “Seaside to-do-list” and your kind comment, I especially like the photo you’ve chosen: it’s beautiful! Have a nice Sunday – kind regards from France, F.

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  3. 30°… it’s probably the reason why it looks like a tropical sea! I’ve never been to the Welsh coastline, but I’m sure it must be so beautiful! Thanks again 🙂

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