On Procrastination and Potential

A reblog Wednesday post (see Elles Knowles for details).

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One of the best/worst things someone can say to you: “You have such potential.”

One of the best/worst pieces of advice I ever got was when I told someone I thought I wasn’t meeting my full potential. Their response was:

Maybe you are. Sure, if you didn’t have twenty other things to do, you could be excellent at just this one thing, and sure, if you didn’t spend any time lazing about, you might have accomplished twice as much in your life by now… but you also need to do those twenty other things, and you need some time for yourself. Maybe everyone meets their potential, and they’re just in a constant state of regret that their potential isn’t as high as they dreamed it would be.

This made sense to me on some cosmic level. It tied in nicely with the common remarks of “everyone thinks they’re special,” and…

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2 thoughts on “On Procrastination and Potential

  1. On one episode of “The X Files” Mulder whispered a regret… that he was not an ordinary person, willing to settle for being ordinary. Instead, he was pushed within himself to do more, discover more, accomplish more. It made me wonder how many watching that episode asked himself (or herself) if he was as driven. How many people are willing to settle for “ordinary”?

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