Pic’n’Post event n° 6


 Just one guess so far for last week’s Where was this picture (below) taken?


Well, it’s a difficult one indeed. Not as difficult as this, though: 🙂

Trieste 021

But considerably more difficult than this:


Still a week to go, so here’s another picture to help you, taken in the same place as the picture of the train station at the top of this post:


Many thanks to Izzy for her contribution for the Pic’n’Post picture and text combination, with a nice picture and a couple of poetic texts about riding a roller coaster. I love this account of fear overcome – the key, I guess, is in knowing the danger isn’t real, even if it feels that way: I heard myself scream in a way that I’d never screamed before, with unadulterated fear. Lol. It was scary — but I ended up riding that roller coaster five more times.


A reminder of the new flexible Pic’n’Post rules can be found here. Contributions welcome any time!

6 thoughts on “Pic’n’Post event n° 6

  1. Well… do you want I get nuts????? they are very difficult…. the only one I recognize is the Eiffel Tower…..who don’t?


  2. I think I have somewhat of an advantage here so perhaps I should not guess (especially since it involves reading)! But I will, since you need more guessers. The train station should be in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China. Is the lake in the same place? I don’t remember a lake in Kashgar….

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