Thursday Interview: Grosbisou


– Now, Grosbisou, you’re perhaps the most famous of the Bisounours. But having heard of you only after I moved to France, I was under the impression you were French. That’s not the case, though.

-Pas du tout, non. I was sent here from America to represent Tenderheart Bear from the Care Bears. Bisounours isn’t a bad translation – ours means bear and bisou is the child’s term for kiss.

– Was it hard to adapt to France?

– Well, there were fears at first the French might be suspicious so we underwent a cultural awareness course before leaving, but as it turned out, we caught on straightaway. Toys, films, TV series – we were all over. And we’ve barely gone out of fashion ever since. Basically, our philosophy transcends national cultures.

– And what exactly is your philosophy?

– Spread love and friendship! If we all care enough, we can change the world!

– Do you think you’ve had much effect? You’ve been around for more than 30 years and I can’t see much improvement myself. Some might say that behind your ‘philosophy’ was just a cynical ploy to make money.

– Typical of a journalist, that! You’re so damn – I’m sorry… No, we Care Bears are utterly sincere, believe me.

– The French have a saying, On n’est pas au pays des Bisounours – We’re not in Care-a-Lot – meaning you live in a fantasy world with no relation to reality.

– Well, to quote T.S. Eliot, human kind cannot bear (no pun intended!) too much reality. And I do believe that little acts of kindness can indeed change the world.

– Yes, I’m not saying they can’t. But you have to admit it was all about the money, surely?

– There you go again. Look, you really press my cider, you do. Why don’t you just – Oh, I see my agent’s calling me. It was lovely to speak to you. Take care!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Interview: Grosbisou

  1. In Spain we call them “Ositos de Peluche”. They will always “alive”, not only do children like them, we growns up as well. Me, I have one… lovely, nice…white…so I call it Snow Corn because in the Zoo o Barcelona years ago I had a gorilla call Copito de Nieve who was known trhough the world. My white teddy bear is always on my bed, and sometimes… inside with me!!!!

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  2. My grown daughter and I had a tug of war over her bear. I wanted it for a toy collection/display and she wanted it for her bedroom in her new house. I did the adult thing and let her have it. Another, new bear, would never take its place, however. The sentiment would not be there, no matter what the price of the new bear.

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    • Saccharine is just the word! Somehow we missed out on them altogether – I knew nothing of them till I heard the French expression about not living in a fantasy world. So the interview turned out to be very different from what I’d imagined!

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