The Amazing New Cake Diet


Lychee, rose and raspberry meringue nests

I’m amazed that Jamie Oliver and Co. still sell as many cookbooks as they do. Now I’ve nothing against Jamie, who’s likeable, down to earth and does what he can to tackle obesity, but why buy a cookbook when everything you need is online? Enter the name of any recipe or ingredient and up come a million responses. And when it comes to cakes, cookbooks are even more irrelevant because there’s Lili.

There are two reasons why I haven’t yet made any of her cakes. One, we’re in Mayotte, where not only are ingredients hard to come by but our oven’s an absolute nightmare. But that’s temporary. Back in the Metropole, I’ll have no excuse (I’ve been drooling over the strawberry tres leches cake for the past week). Except, of course, my BMI, because how can you add such delights to your diet without it going off the scale?

Well, I’ve thought about this and it so happens there’s a very simple answer. I remember reading once that the great eccentric (and even greater novelist) Evelyn Waugh lived his days backwards for a while – brandy and cigar first thing in the morning, Corn Flakes before bed. Without going that far, I suggest that instead of having Ginger and Mint American Lime Pie at the end of the meal, you put it at the beginning. Because obviously, you’ll still guzzle something like that when you’re already full to bursting, but you wouldn’t feel the same about minestrone, would you? Result? Basically you eat nothing but Lili’s cakes. Sounds like a great diet to me (no kidding – many of Lili’s recipes are healthy).

I offer this dietary advice entirely free, but if anyone wants to turn it into a book, they have my blessing. If you do, you’ll be even richer, I’m sure, than the woman who made a fortune with the book based on her revolutionary diet, Get Thin – Eat Less.

17 thoughts on “The Amazing New Cake Diet

  1. Why all the tasty food as cakes, caserole, roast turkey…. MUST put on weight us…..I eat vegetables, grilled fish or meat… it doesn’t matter…. I eat less but I’m not thin!!! I want to loss 2 kgs!!!!!

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  2. Another amusing post from you Mr Curtis… it inspired me to make my way over to Lili’s blog and drool over the pics!
    As for how many ks I could afford to reasonably lose and not miss them a bit… hey, I’m not going there! 🙂

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  3. Hello Curtis! Just coming over to say thank you for the lovely shout out and comments! I really appreciate it and of course love the whole concept of a cake diet – which I did actually follow for a while, especially when visiting France! It’s a shame that as I got older I had to eat more ‘sensibly’ but I would still recommend cake for breakfast as you have the whole day to burn it off! 🙂

    Anyway, I’m going to give some thought to having dessert before the main course as you suggest – great saying from Imbarelykeepingup about Eat dessert First! Also hope you’ll make the ginger lime pie (it’s one of my favourites) and let me know how it goes…
    P.S. before having a blog I used to spoon the Italian meringue on the pie and it was equally attractive and delicious! 🙂
    P.P.S. Really enjoyed reading about the cake diet and all the comments afterwards.. thanks again! 🙂

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    • Thanks Curtis! You got me thinking about cakes in a healthy diet again so I wrote a little about it! Always good to ponder.. I look forward to hearing about your yummy cake adventures and diet! 🙂

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  4. Hello Curtis, found your blog from Lili’s! 🙂 We often have dessert first (healthy ones of course) like yesterday night when my yummy healthy bites (with chocolate) were ready before dinner! 😛 🙂 Cake for breakfast… nothing wrong with that, it’s tradition in so many countries and definitely cereal before bed! 😛 🙂

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