Quilt Power


‘You say there was a fête?’

‘About a month ago, yeah. Fundraising.’

‘So a couple of weeks before the disappearance. Fundraising?’

‘We were fighting the closure. Still are. There’s no way -‘

‘Got any pictures? Of this fundraising event?’

Josh was taken aback. ‘Sure. On my phone.’ He brought them up and waited, studying his nails, as the policewoman slid a finger over the screen.

‘This one,’ she said. ‘Quilts?’

‘I guess. Not my area of expertise.’

‘Nor mine.’ She enlarged the picture, zooming in on a blue and yellow lozenge. ‘But I’m curious. The boss of the power plant vanished, his car was found 500 miles from here. Could be totally disconnected, of course, but I’m wondering why there was a sticker on his back window bearing the same pattern as on that quilt.’

I don’t where that story might go, but one great thing about blogging is that it takes you places you’d never have thought have going. Such as power plants and quilts. I don’t have time to read everything they post, but I’ve promised myself to find time one day to delve into the fascinating worlds of Power Plant Men and Quilt Musings. A mystery combining the two would be kind of cool.

10 thoughts on “Quilt Power

  1. Curtis, I love reading your short fiction – I rarely miss one, even if I dont have time to respond always. The funny thing is, when I read the title of this one, I immediately thought of our fellow-blogger Quilt Musings. I think this is wonderful have you have made a shout-out to two bloggers, blogging on something completely different, in this little story…..

    yes, the mind boggles to see where it would end up. Perhaps on a ride on Spaceship China?
    Lol, 🙂

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