Sunday Poem: Heli yangu nihuvhendzao

Capture gaucher

Here is a poem by Gaucher Pitsuri, teacher of our weekly Shimaoré language class. Since I don’t revise enough between classes, I wouldn’t understand it without the French translation provided, and for those who prefer, the English translation is below. But as much as the meaning of the words, I like the sound of them being read by Gaucher with such feeling.

My way of loving you: as when the clouds disperse, as when the dusk of a southern summer arrives, as when the moon’s first quarter appears,

My way of loving you: the soothing air brought by a fan, the calm and cool of the sea, the pupil’s application to learn embody my love for you

My way of loving you: he who doesn’t know you cannot know it, he who doesn’t see you cannot see it, he who doesn’t hear you cannot hear it, it is known only to the heart that feels it.

You have the serenity of Gandhi, the patience of Mandela, the empathy of Diana, the generosity of Mother Theresa, you soothe and quieten my heart. This is why I love you.

You are unique, comparable to no other, the hope of a better life, tranquillity, peace and offspring. God has heard my prayers, this is why I want to marry you.

My treasure, you and I, like the finger and the wedding ring, till death do us part, may God protect you and the hope that we will marry.


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