The Tropical Lightness of Being


One joy of living in the tropics is the emptiness of the wardrobe. Currently I have three shirts, three pairs of trousers and a hat. This pleasing lightness extends, in fact, to the whole flat, which contains the strict minimum. No pictures, no knick-knacks, no television. As a result, no round the clock updates about suicidal pilots or cabinet reshuffles. And most pleasing of all, no irritating intrusion of gloating, smirking politicians.

9 thoughts on “The Tropical Lightness of Being

  1. You seem to follow in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi who believed in simple living and high thinking – sure to yield great dividends on low investment.

    As for the politicians, trying to get rid of them is a pipedream; they will always be there in some form or the other, drooling and increasing their political incompetence much to the chagrin of the electorate – the only solution: grin and bear it!

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