What you see is what you get

In response to TheBookBlogger2014’s Flash Fiction Foray event, with the title of the song California Dreaming as the prompt. (Actually, I’m one behind – the current prompt is American Pie – gotta catch up!). I had to cut out a few words to bring it down to 100 exactly, but that’s the joy – and benefit – of flash fiction. Teaches you to show no mercy to those redundant words!

‘Here it is.’


‘There. In front of you.’

‘That?’ Sharon stared at the shoddy scrap of plastic, barely bigger than her futon, that Jimmy was expecting her to admire. ‘You’re joking.’

‘What?’ He looked offended. ‘Why?’

‘Well, it’s not what you described last night.’ She’d had a bit too much, sure, but she clearly remembered, between the last drink and the sex (lousy, but hey, for a first time together…), the vision of luxury he’d conjured.

‘No, then I was joking. You didn’t get it?’ He held out a hand. ‘Cheer up, babe. Welcome aboard the California Dreaming.’


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