Pic’n’Post Event – Easier than ever before!


Flexibility’s the word: as long as there’s a picture to accompany it, one or more of all the following types of text are welcome – the more variety, the better!

  • The true story behind the picture. Why did you take it? What attracted you to that particular subject? What does it show?
  • A short piece of fiction inspired by the picture.
  • The technical specifications, either at the time of shooting or of editing
  • A caption
  • A poem

Contributions are welcome any time (just post your link in the comments), and will be rounded up every other Monday, with links back to the original post. Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Pic’n’Post Event – Easier than ever before!

  1. Love the picture. Is this your ‘picnpost’ thingie Curtis, or someone else’s?
    Also…. re the pingbacks i see…. i get numerous… other people putting a link to mypage which is a pingback. they usually come in multiple does – ie someone has ‘pingbacked’ 100% of all the posts in a photo challenge, which doesnt really indicate to me they’ve read any.
    I usually just delete them.
    So I don’t really get it. What’s your advice? What do bloggers get out of accepting other people’s pingbacks ( that’s if they arent lost in hundreds of others, as above.) Do you re-pingback others, for the effort? What’s the courtesy here? I know there’s wordpress artciles on them, I’ve read them, but they dont seem to have much connection to the wily nily way a lotta people use them.

    What do you think? Thanks, Debbie

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  2. Thanks for the comment, Debbie. Yes, it’s an event I started a while ago – not many participants yet! Re the pingbacks, I’m a bit in the dark about them too. I don’t get many, it’s only when someone links to a post, which only happens for the Pic’n’Post event, so for the moment they’re not bothersome. Maybe you’re getting a lot more traffic, to get that many pingbacks. Sorry I can’t be more helpful on that!


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