Pic’n’Post event n° 3

p'n'p results

Just one participant for Pic’n’Post this time – thanks, Izzy, for keeping the event alive (just!).

Her story, which you can check out here, features a signpost, a dream, and a voice.


Next deadline: Monday 13th April. A reminder of the rules is here. That’s if you want to abide by them, but rules being made to be broken, we’ll say from now on that (more or less) anything goes. Well, there has to be a picture and a text, but that’s it! The text can be fiction or truth – even the technical specifications behind the photo (I’m always up for a lesson in photography). As you can guess, this wonderful flexibility is an attempt to breathe some life into the Pic’n’Post event – all contributions are welcome at any time! (Even of pictures transformed beyond recognition).


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