Lesser and Greater Lemurs


I sometimes wonder how good it is to be knowledgeable about wildlife. Does it put a dampener on things to know that what you’ve just spotted is not the extremely rare Lesser Crested Two-Toed Fine Speckled Plunger but the common-as-dirt Lesser Crested Two-Toed Medium Speckled Plunger? Is it not better to simply go, ‘Wow! Did you see that amazing bird?’

It’s a bit the same with lemurs. The maki, indigenous to Mayotte, are so common they’re getting to be a nuisance. But they pose prettily for the camera, and I still get a kick out of watching them swing through the trees.

In Madagascar, you don’t come across them quite so easily. And when you do, they’re often up in the tops of the trees, and reluctant to have their photo taken. They come in different colours and facial features, but to me, they all fall in the same category: creatures I point to excitedly that look a lot like monkeys.


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