Pic’n’Post: The Skulls

Malaysia 09 092

The story teller’s picture:

– Well, Wriggleton, we made it at last. Damn hard time of it, but by golly, it was worth it.

– Absolutely, Sir. And what a welcome! Magnificent!

– That’s what it means to be British, Wriggleton. Even here in this far-flung corner of the globe, our dear Queen Victoria is loved and respected. And we, as her subjects, are treated accordingly.

– Makes me proud, Sir, truly. That this King Whatsisname should arrange a banquet in our honour. Who would have thought it?

– And so you should be, Wriggleton. And let me tell you, King Gobbledigook here will be even prouder when we tell him his country’s part of the British Empire.

The picture taker’s story:

I knew nothing about James Brooke, known as the White Rajah, till we visited Fort Margherita in Kuching, Sarawak, where these skulls were on display. Brooke was given Sarawak to rule over in 1841 after he helped restore the Sultan of Brunei to his throne. He was, apparently, quite enlightened for his time, doing much to combat piracy and slavery in the region.

No one knows precisely who these heads were attached to when alive – no doubt warriors who fought against Brooke. They were recently returned to the fort after being removed for a miring ceremony.

Next deadline for participation in the Pic’n’Post Event: Monday 23rd March.

10 thoughts on “Pic’n’Post: The Skulls

  1. http://johannamassey.com/2015/03/09/too-big-for-the-tub/

    Here is my submission to Pic and Post. Called Too Big For The Tub….

    This leave me with questions. How do I actually do a link in a comment section without the entire address appearing? Is this how and where I am to put my link back to you?

    Oh my. Well, it is March 9, and I do have a story….and it does link back easily to here from my website!

    Any instructions on the right way to do this would be gratefully appreciated.!

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    • Thanks, JoHanna – yes, that’s the way I supposed it was done. Though I think there are other ways too, which I’ll investigate asap. Right now I’m travelling so severely limited in blogging activities. Many thanks for participating!

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