Shakasha, the movie!

IMG_3971 Well,as promised, the World Premiere of Shakasha. As we say in French, le ridicule ne tue pas… Before we came on, a group of girls in traditional costume warmed up the audience with a demonstration of how to dance for real:


7 thoughts on “Shakasha, the movie!

  1. Whoa!!! loved the dance. Looked loke some sort of tribal dance to me. Is it some folk dance? You did tell about this in your post but I don’t remember clearly. What are you all wearing? Sarong? Girls’ costumes look like Indian Saree to me.

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    • It’s a traditional Mahorais dance to celebrate the customs of Mayotte – they have several like that. They were performed during National Language Day, organised to raise awareness of the local Shimaoré language – I’ll no doubt do a post on that some time. The girls’ costumes are salouva, which are frequently worn here, and ours, I’m not quite sure – so as not to look out of place, maybe! How is your own dance coming on?

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  2. Brilliant – how did I miss this?! One thing that did strike me though is how similar the language sounds to the Creole they used to speak in St Lucia. As that island used to be French (it passed between the French and the English many times) it would be interesting to compare the two – no doubt they both have some elements of some African language and also French. Apparently in St Lucia, the closest language to their Creole is what is spoken in Haiti.

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