Shot in the Foot


In response to the Izzy May I the Write: Shot in the Foot blog event: As a writer have you ever shot yourself in the foot, and what advice would you give to avoid it?

Dear Mr. Bausse, As a literary agent I have better things to do than waste my time in a Post Office collecting – and having to pay for – a letter on which there is no stamp. Please reimburse me immediately. And no, I do not want to read your novel.

Oh no! Am I really that absent-minded? Was I drunk? Not at all: a couple of days later, on a different envelope, the truth became clear: self-adhesive stamps that don’t adhere! Maybe, I thought, I can sue the Post Office – a literary career come unstuck. My advice? Avoid agents who don’t accept email submissions. Or buy a tube of super glue.


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