I Really Did See It!

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Wildlife excursions can often be disappointing. I once went on a nocturnal outing on a lake in the Amazon, but apart from nearly capsizing when our canoe rammed a log, I came back with nothing exciting to report. Nor was it much better in the daytime, though our guide did assure us that a tiny coloured speck in the distance was a toucan.

So it was gratifying the other day to see loads of dolphins by the lagoon in Mayotte. Unfortunately, they weren’t at all helpful with the photo shoot. Gave us no warning when they were about to pop the surface, so I ended up with fifty fascinating pictures of the sea. From time to time, they even did their best Tom Daley impression, leaping out and twisting around in a spiral. Very well executed, though the huge splash at the end meant a couple of marks deducted. But still no warning, so you’ll just have to take my word for it, I’m afraid.

Later on they became slightly more cooperative:


No more Tom Daley spirals, though. They were still in a huff over their score in the previous round.

8 thoughts on “I Really Did See It!

  1. You made me smile…. I love/hate wildlife photography coz they never sit still long enough… even when you superglue the branches so the birds can’t fly off!
    (kidding – I don’t superglue the branches…. I use staples) 😉

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  2. I once photographed a Humboldt squid (those jumbo size ones) but only because it got trapped at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s tide pool. Pure luck, it had never happened before! And I soooo appreciate photographers with the patience for wildlife photos.

    Thank goodness for that blue arrow 🙂 so we believe you…

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