Pic’n’Post Event Reminder

p'n'p reminder

The deadline for the first fortnightly Pic’n’Post event is Monday 23rd February, 6 pm GMT. The rules for this event can be found here. It’s not a competition – all submissions are welcome! I’ve already had one, from twenty7zero3, which captures perfectly the idea behind the event: a story from a photo and the story of the photo. And the photo of the Marshgate sunset is indeed both beautiful and evocative.

A further example of my own:

aire de repos 284

The story-teller’s picture: How had they got there? The whole area was cordoned off. Had they been let through on purpose? They were casually dressed, chatting as if they weren’t aware of the danger awaiting them. Tania knew, though, and from her vantage point above the entrance, she waved to attract their attention. They didn’t notice. She was faced with a choice: risk her life by banging on the window to warn them, or let them step into the lobby, where they could well lose theirs.

The picture teller’s story: Madeleine likes her money’s worth in museums. Could be Hungarian harpsichords or Patagonian pyjamas – she’ll examine every exhibit and read every caption. Being more inclined to whizz, I therefore end up kicking my heels and snapping away with the camera. This was the contemporary art museum in Lisbon, and though it was full of fascinating stuff, I whizzed all the same. The empty esplanade behind the three tourists struck me as vaguely disturbing. As if everyone else, for some unknown reason, had disappeared…


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