The Sunday Poem


Sundays, I’ve decided, are for poetry. It’s all the easier for me to talk of my career as a poet as I’m not one. Nonetheless, future critics will no doubt distinguish three phases: the Earnest Period, the Deep Period, and the Silly Period. Between the first two, which to some extent overlapped, and the third, lies a long fallow period of forty years. During that time, many people despaired of ever reading my poetry again. I’m pleased to announce that they can now look forward to an altogether brighter existence.

The Day After Valentine’s

I went far to bring my love

A delightful turtle dove.

Now much farther must I rove

For she wants a turtle dove.

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Poem

  1. Stopped by for a visit.
    HAD TO LAUGH…..I signed up for the WordPress University class on Poetry…and it starts tomorrow. The last poem I ever wrote was in high school….sometime during the early parts of the Vietnam War and it was my Protest The War Poem…it was teenage awful and a friend of mine took it and passed it around to my great embarrassment as my peers thought it was such a wonderful poem…and really I was just frantic over our neighbor who was MIA.

    And here we are. Not a poet, an entire lifetime lived, the neighbor never found, so many wars since, and me signing up for an internet Poetry Class on WordPress. What was I thinking!


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