Merci, Dédé!


Since France must now administer Mayotte, it’s generous towards the administrators. I think the reasoning is that if you live in mainland France, you’d have to be mad to go anywhere else; therefore, to attract public sector employees, you must give them all sorts of perks. Among these are free transport from the Metropole. Furniture, car, plane ticket – they’ll even pay for your dog if you have one (not for your spouse, though, or at least not for me – a retired blogvelist doesn’t count).

So we stuffed our Panda full of stuff we thought would be useful – cushions, shelves, boxes of books, microwave – and put it on a container. For some reason which was never made fully clear, it arrived a month late (something about getting lost near South Africa), and when we did finally unload it, we saw we’d forgotten the metal sides to the crappy sub-Ikea bookshelf.

My suggestion was three or four bricks between each shelf, but Mrs. B. had something more aesthetic in mind. And you have to admit, the result’s pretty classy, n’est-ce pas?

Now, I could stop there and let you suppose I did it myself. But I cannot lie. Anything more complicated than putting one brick on top of another is beyond me. So the shelves were stacked against a wall, and the books remained in their boxes, until Dédé, my DIY genius of a brother-in-law, came to visit. And a couple of days later we had our bookshelf.

Not without some effort, though, to which I greatly contributed. Well, I took the photos, anyway -:)

IMG_3721          panda

Now I wonder when I’ll get round to unpacking those boxes…


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